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Washington BunnyBots 2024

What is BunnyBots


Panther Robotics FRC 3218, is pleased to announce the coming of Washington BunnyBots. 

BunnyBots was developed by Team 1540 Flaming Chickens mentors and alumni. BunnyBots provides a way for FRC teams and new FRC members to gain vital skills before the build season. For many students, this is their first experience making an FRC-quality robot. We hope the experience and the excitement of the BunnyBots competition stay with them forever.

The BunnyBots game design process begins after the competition season each year. Team 1540 alumni and mentors brainstorm game ideas, and make the rules. The game is released in early September, and teams sign up on a first-come, first-served basis. As a training tool, the game rules are loosely based on FRC rules.

The BunnyBots program aims to develop the technical foundation of rookie members and teach veteran members leadership and project management skills. This program addresses the problem of insufficient rookie training, allowing them to learn machining procedures and design basics to succeed in the intense build season.

The preseason project brings the team together and improves team dynamics, while also increasing rookie retention rates and productivity. BunnyBots also engages mentors in preseason training, helps them bond with students, and prepares them for the build season. BunnyBots in Oregon has proven to be a powerful way to recruit and retain members because teams start off immediately in the fall with a fun challenge.  There’s something to do right away.  A BunnyBots can be as simple as a box-on-wheels or a full-on CADed masterpiece. Most are somewhere in the middle.  Since a BunnyBots rule is that “adults don’t touch the actual robot”, students are thrown in the deep end and learn skills early that will serve them well come build season but in a low-stakes event.

As a team, Panther Robotics has participated in BunnyBots and wanted to bring this 1-day event closer to home. The dates for this year's BunnyBots are as follows. We hope everyone will see how great this opportunity could be for building our teams, and our student's skills. Although the contests in OR and WA will be very similar and use the same rules, however, there may be some subtle differences at the events.

Washington: Either Sat Dec 14th or Sun Dec 15th depending on interest

Oregon Dec: 14th

Cost: TBA

Rules will be posted on or around September 1st

Last year's contest information:


Feel Free to contact our coach with questions

Jason Vander Hoek

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