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'Ball Go In Shooter. Ball Break Bolt' -Josh Konop

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

When bolts were added on the launcher to mount a Limelight, a design flaw became apparent when the ball warped the top bolt due to a tight space constraint and high pressure.

This Monday there was a breakthrough on our collector. Through the week more adjustments have been made, and collector #5 is finally being built. With this collector, that may be the final product, the ball is collected at a sharper angle, the motor is in the rear, and the whole mechanism retracts back into the bot more vertically than horizontally. All of these aspects combined create a more efficient and sly power cell collection system.

This week our team has been working hard to mount the arms that climb onto the chassis. Ryan, a former programer who has been abducted by the build team has dedicated a majority of his time drilling, assembling, and stabilizing the arms to make sure they are parallel and reliable.

Once the gearboxes were secure on the chassis, a brace was made to support the storage system when the final product is made.

All week the programmers have been working hard to program the launching system so it will eject power cells consistently and accurately. Here is a video of our lead programmer Cameron and programmer Bryce explaining how the system works.

With extra meetings popping up during the week and committed members staying long past meetings end, we have had another hard week worked and bot being built.

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