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Auctibition Flyer_2020.png

The Auctibition is an annual fundraiser hosted by Panther Parent Pride. The event will include the presentation of the 2020 season robot,  a buffet dinner by Mama Stortini's, Pi Day themed dessert auction, 50/50 raffle, activities and more!


As a parent or guardian of a Panther Robotics Team member, you may be wondering how you can be a part of this exciting opportunity. 

This critical information below will empower parents, guardians, and community members to be engaged, outlining various participation opportunities available to you throughout the year.


First, you should know that we have four seasons, each season requiring a different level of engagement from both team members and supporters.

  1. Pre and Post Season – During these times of the year the team will meet once a week, and participate in group building activities, and/or join in and participate with volunteer activities within the community.

  2. Build Season – Build Season is 7 weeks of focused activity, where the team meets around 20 hours a week, developing an overall game strategy and then designing and building their competition robot.

  3. Competition Season – Even more activities happen in this season, with team members continuing to meet for the 20 hours a week, honing their skills, repairing and improving the robot as well as participating in 3 exciting weekend competitions both local and away from home.

To participate and show your support here’s the information for you.

  • View the Panther Robotics’ 2020 calendar of events, so that you know when and where things are happening.

  • Volunteer to help feed the team – 3 dinners a week needed.

  • Parents Robotics Competition Survival Guide – what you should know about attending a Robotics Competitions.

  • Other opportunities to get involved.

  • Get your Panther Robotics gear


If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out to the Panther Robotics PPP Boosters Presidents, Kevin Rhodes at or Cara Black at

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