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Swerve Drive Simulator

'Swerve drive is a highly maneuverable drivetrain for FRC robotics teams. Swerve drive allows for the operator to strafe the robot in any of 360 degrees as well as rotate along the same axis. 

Swerve drive operates using two joysticks from a single controller. The first joystick we will call the ‘strafing’ joystick, as pushing it will cause the robot to drive in the pointed direction. The second joystick we will call the ‘rotation’ joystick, where pushing to the left causes a counterclockwise spin and right causes a clockwise spin.'

This was written by Jacob Misirian of FIRST Robotics Team 2506 of Franklin, WI.

This Simulator was developed by Zach of FRC Team 3218 to help us in training our drivers.  This is meant to be the 1st step, in the driver selection process.  Helping us to gauge who understands the Swerve drive's unique capabilities as it relates to FIRST.  Keeping the game simple and the shapes basic was a design decision.  We hope included a searchable leader board soon other FIRST teams can use this, as we do, to help narrow down our driver prospects, as well as give the kids a way to 'practice' outside of practice.


Version Beta 1


In this game, the goal is to score points by delivering target fragments into your team's delivery zone! Your robot has a cannon on the front, collector on the back, and ejector on the right. Your collector will automatically collect fragments it touches. By using the right trigger, you can fire projectiles out of the cannon to break targets into 3 fragments. When you press the left trigger, any fragments you have stored will be ejected out of the ejector. You can use the left stick to move and the right stick to rotate.

LEFT STICK: movement

RIGHT STICK: rotation

LEFT TRIGGER: eject fragments

RIGHT TRIGGER: fire projectiles



UI is mouse based.

Multiplayer is fully supported, just plug in multiple controllers and each player can select their team in the select screen.

Any controller will work, Bluetooth or wired.

In the select screen you can choose how many AI you want on each team, as well as select your team by holding right bumper or left bumper (keep holding until start is clicked).

If the game is lagging hard, reload the page.

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