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SparkFun Electronic Resources

Instructional resources regarding simple wiring, soldering and basic programming.


Panther Robotics' public code releases from previous seasons

GitHub (Archived)

Pre-2019 public code releases; transitioned to GitLab

Other Resources

Youtube Channel

We occasionally post test videos, promotional videos, robot reveals, etc.

Blue Alliance

Chief Delphi


Miscellaneous robotics resources


Team Handbook 2023-24

This team handbook establishes our team's rules and expectations.

Robotics Lettering

This explains the standards if you're interested in applying for a letter.

Event Calendar

This highlights our major events on and off-season.


Autodesk Inventor Mini Drive Base

Looking for a place to start? Click here to learn how to design and build a mini drive base. 

NASA Robotics Design Guide

In-depth design guide written by people in NASA and a part of the Robotics Alliance Project

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