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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Today marks the finish of the fourth week of our seven week build season. Progress has been made and in that process, ideas have been contemplated, discussed, and redesigned. As the prototype of the collector, storage, turret, and launcher are assembled, inconsistencies have arisen as is expected with any project. The third prototype of the collector is in the process of being designed while launcher number four and a second climb are being assembled by the build team. After a few attempts and mistakes being corrected, the chassis along with the gearbox were assembled.


This video shows our third launcher prototype being paired with programing to test accuracy and distance. It can consistently hit a target at fifty feet and will be paired with a Limelight that will make for easy aiming and scoring.

The improvements made to this prototype was a retractable hood and experimentation with two wheels. The hood allows for the angle at which the ball is projected to change depending on distance from the power port.


Something that will be repeated until the very last competition is that climb is an essential element of the 2020 game and our robot. This week, the hooks used to climb were milled, deburred, polished, and attached to the arms. The first attempt to assemble the arms led to a redesign of the climb system. In the new version, a thinner aluminum was used to reduce the weight of the robot.

Collector and Gearboxes:

When prototyped, there were inconsistencies found in the collector and gearboxes. The third design of the collector will "be more effective" says the CAD monkey putting his design into motion. The gearboxes have successfully been assembled and paired with programing. Next they will be mounted on the chassis.


One of the biggest compliments our team receives at competition is the polishing of our robot. Here is a sneak peak to that process.

So far our robot consists of wood prototypes and metal parts. Our team is committed to learning all that it does not know in a fun, supportive, and active environment. Another hard week worked and bot being built.

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