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May The January 4th Be With You

Mark your calendars for the fourth of January! That Saturday morning at 7:30 am, FIRST Robotics will be streaming the release video for the 2020 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Season. Robotics teams will be watching from all around to world, awaiting the game strategy that will determine where every ounce of our energy will go and what the product of our hard work will be. With the game revealed, teams will rush to make designs of their own versions of the competition robot, compose prototypes, build it from the ground up, add all of the wiring, and finally program every move it will make. All while keeping safety glasses on and body parts intact.

Supporting and working alongside the build team is management. This division includes safety, personal relations, awards, and outreach. They are who the team relies on for event planning, acquiring sponsorships, and award submissions. A robotics team is not just a club that gets together after school, it is a machine with many parts all working to produce a robot that will do well at competition. A robotics team is a business that must be advertised, promoted, and invested in. Just like any business, management is in charge of making a name for the team, spreading the word, and getting outside businesses interested in the FIRST competition. Each division of the robotics team works effectively through cooperation and collaboration to build a robot that is capable of all the demands the strenuous competitions require.

This blog will be a documentation of the progress of FRC team 3218 Panther Robotics. Starting at kick off and updating weekly with progress reports. Our readers will get to see exactly what goes into the production of a fully functional competition robot. Through the 2020 season, readers will come to understand all of the aspects that make up Panther Robotics and will be kept informed on team events. We hope this will be a very successful year for 3218 and look forward to sharing it with you.

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